Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photography of the Day: Jeroen van der Spek

I am deeply in love with the wonderful works of a photographer from Amsterdam, JEROEN VAN DER SPEK! What first comes to realization when you see Jeroen's photography is that his working with light has no doubt been mastered to the highest level of perfection! 
For this post, I have picked some of his amazing works in three beautiful moods -- rose inspiration, mystic violets and magnetizing blues, the most winter colour palette! Enjoy, and have a beautiful weekend!
Amazing work with textures... ephemeral beauty of rose petals... whimsical botanical twists
Loving... different shades of pink against a shabby textured background...


Manzanita said...

Dear Zara
Deeply in love..... that sounds serious..Ha.
I agree that these colors and flowers and the beautiful rooms stir something inside of one. The name is familiar and I think you must have posted on him before. I notice that stack of lavish pillows. How unique.... the painting of some of the walls. You provide a lot of exciting beauty gazing. Roses, roses roses.... How I love roses too. I have already put my order in for more to be delivered this spring.
Thank you for the beautiful post with all the things that I like. Ha

Zara said...

Dear Manzi, thanks for the lovely comment! No, I haven't posted about this photographer before. His is my recent discovery, and I am really excited about his works! :) Oh, I feel impatience to have the blooming news from your garden! :D Mmm, what sorts of roses are you going to plant, will you tell me?

Mary Jo said...

My goodness, these are beautiful! The subtlety and texture in these photos is amazing! Thank you for sharing them!

xo Mary Jo