Monday, August 11, 2014

I like the Blue like this...Part ii

... i have already posted some ideas in blue (this way), and now here's a bit more in aqua blue and mint! I'll start with my recent little obsession -- this cute bag from AMINA AL ABBASI (it has something blue too!).  By the way, I've found it highly inspiring browsing through Amina Al Abbasi's INSTAGRAM, so don't forget to go and have a look, too, at lots of her amazing creations!

... below are two rooms filled with gorgeous Designers Guild textiles! 


  1. Hey Sweetie Zara
    I'm back. Oh the bench, the bench. I am crazy about benches. I have them all over my yard. I have 6 benches scattered around the yard and many lawn chairs. My neighbor said she noticed I had put out a chaise but she never saw me sitting in it. Nope.... not much time.
    Yes, you are going all blue. I do love all the fabric in the photos of the rooms. I would most surely adore a high ceiling and a large room where I could use lots of fabric.
    Take care....

  2. Oh hi my dear Manzi! Hurray, so happy to see you are back! ;) Aha, so you are a bench collector! At least, you should give yourself some free time to relax on your fav benches and contemplate the fruits of your labour! :) Yes, i love beautiful textiles, too! Thank you for the lovely comment! Hugs to you!