Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gustavian Style House in the South of England

Yes, Swedish Gustavian style is happening to be the order of the day here! Even if this is not your style, this house definitely has a curious story to narrate, a story that is worth listening to! found via here.
I don't know how it feels to reside daily in a space like this, but the more i examine the pictures the more i feel drawn to all the different shadows of whites reigning here  -- from the warm tones of condensed milk to dazzlingness of beaten egg whites, lots of intricate details are curious to look at, and i like how the atmosphere of royalness is harmonized with nostalgic pleasantness of rural manor...

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Interiors with Ethnic Touch

... a new bunch of interiors with an ethnic touch -- North African and some Ottoman chic! Hand-picked specially for our today's inspiration! enJoy! :)
↑ left - I always love richly carved wooden furniture (a cupboard in the background seems to be somehow one of such kind), but this time two big white drops with silvery tips draw all my attention!  + ↑ right - ...GREY ;/...it seems i can bear any colour normally avoided, if the style is Arabic or Desi! to me, it excuses any wrong colour palettes, uncomfortable proportions and whatever we could feel tough about!
Style and details always save it all, don't you agree? :))
These awesome spaces are all created by a Turkish interior designer, SERDAR GÜLGÜN, a renowned expert of classical Ottoman style.
... try to imagine this room without a decorative mosaic panel/sitting area and ornate  forged balcony setting? Yes..! ;) Though,  a massive wooden door and a 60s style dining group are likable too!
left - a cozy room from somewhere of Alicante, Spain via ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST + a small lounge area with an African feel via TUMBLR
... and, finally, this pretty bedroom:  such cool tone of mint is interesting, the one i could play with + usually, i don't like stucco work when it's plain white, but once it is coloured, it becomes a stylish element in my eyes :) + a compact dresser by the rear wall, small tables, wooden painted wardrobe and a chest complement the room!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Daily Vegetable Roasts

Today, here's something from my Intuitive kitchen -- an easy & healthy vegetable daily roasts or fries that i like to prepare when i'm not preoccupied with cooking by any special recipe, but need to make a fast, yet tasty and nutritious meal. 
The principle is like this: any frozen vegetables as a main ingredient roasted in olive oil with spices, nuts and, very often, sprinkled with cheese. Each time, i just intuitively choose what kind of nuts, spices and cheeses would go better with this or that sorts of vegetables. When the vegetables are ready, you may also add pomegranate seeds, canned pineapple chunks, any berries to create flavourful edible mosaics on your plate! This time it is Cauliflower & Green Beans Roast and Broccoli & Green Beans Roast seasoned with lime juice... 
1. Fry in olive oil cauliflower and green beans
2. Add dry-roasted almonds, slightly crushed, pressed or minced garlic fresh or roasted till it is golden. Add spices to taste - black & white pepper, sea salt, nigella seeds, sesame seeds, nutmeg or may be ready-made Indian spice blends, just anything you feel would be a great add-on to a certain vegetable mixture.
3. Sprinkle with fresh lime juice and grated cheese (hard sorts are the best for this purpose, but sometimes you might feel like adding blue cheeses instead).
1. Fry in olive oil broccoli and green beans
2. Add cashew nuts (adore 'em!), pressed or minced garlic fresh or roasted till it is golden. Add spices to taste - black & white pepper, sea salt, mustard seeds.
3. Serve with  spiced white or rye-bread rusks and plain yogurt.

Well, now you got the idea, as you can see the variations can be limitless and even the same vegetables may get different flavour depending on tasty add-ons you season them with. Any secrets from your daily kitchen magic? Please share, i'd be glad to know!