Monday, August 18, 2014

FYUNKA ♥ فيونكة

Get to know my next favourite brand -- FYUNKA (meaning 'bow' in Arabic). It's a Jeddah based fashion line offering lots of eye-catching accessories like bags, pouches, phone cases, pillows, jewelry etc, featuring funny, cartoon-like style characters and designs "influenced by pop culture and inspired by Khaleeji insights." 
↑ ... Oud Bottles Pendants! a smart collaboration with
... charming must-haves! -- nice fabric purse, oud pillows (one cannot have too many!), 
a transparent bag and... a lovely lady sitting on a chair, so cute! :)
... and how do you like these architecture-inspired jewelry pieces? i'm loving all their small geometric details joined together into playful, freestyle shapes...
↑ ... adorable bags and such a lovely Burqa pillow!

Now, all the Fyunka links summary:

Monday, August 11, 2014

I like the Blue like this...Part ii

... i have already posted some ideas in blue (this way), and now here's a bit more in aqua blue and mint! I'll start with my recent little obsession -- this cute bag from AMINA AL ABBASI (it has something blue too!).  By the way, I've found it highly inspiring browsing through Amina Al Abbasi's INSTAGRAM, so don't forget to go and have a look, too, at lots of her amazing creations!

Now take your bag  (you may place an order via WWW.AMINAGALLERY.COM) and get a seat on another sky-blue wooden garden bench! I think, it would be appropriate not only as an outdoor piece of furniture, but inside a country house too, say in a spacious main entrance corridor...
PHOTOGRAPHY BY KATHRIN STAHL      WEST ELM COLOURED GLASS VASES  ⚜   PAINTED EGGS  ⚜  .?.   ... even the simplest shapes of rattan furniture start looking really smart when painted. what do you think?
... below are two rooms filled with gorgeous Designers Guild textiles! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Stapelia Flower

Well, my enigmatic succulent (now I know it's Stapelia) has blossomed! As you can see, the flower looks like a fantastic movie, e.g. Avatar, decoration, but.., to my big surprise, it has one fault --  ...
...  -- it stinks with... rotting meat! In the first few days of its blooming, the smell is quite strong -- you feel it right once you enter the room, then its 'fragrance' wanes. In South African deserts where it naturally occurs, Stapelia uses its distinctive smell to attract flies-pollinators. Though, there are non-smelling sorts too.
Actually, the flower should spread the petals to look like a five-pointed star, but mine prefers to keep them bent on the wrong side. Anyway, I think, it's still a norm.
You'll see many beautiful Stapelias (officially, it counts up to 40 species) 
following .this Flickr link.