Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Flowers & Decor

Today I have some nice decor ideas to share -- single flowers in glass flasks, bottles and vases of different shapes, heights and colours, a few bright bouquets, and a lovely stuff from NORDAL, a family-owned company from Denmark !
this image above from a Swedish blog  johanna-vintage has captured my attention at once!  Multiple glass vessels, scattered around or displayed from the inside, create atmosphere of lightness and bring more of the Spring feel. If i  am not mistaken, the photo is done by the blog's owner herself. ..
image credit: www.nobswall.com
Styled by Sandra Kaminski. Photo © Geoff Hedley Photography.
www.nfpg.co.nz/... image by Carolyn Hasslet.

Styled by Sandra Kaminski. Photo © Geoff Hedley Photography.
↑  via Pinterest, author unknown                             found on littlebluedeer.com
“The Romantic Spirits” – styled by Geoffrey Carran with Bree Leech 
and Heather Nette King                                              Photography by Jeroen van der Spek
Everything you will see below is products of NORDAL, a Danish company offering beautiful goods for home and garden. First of all, I'm loving their candle holders!
i like porcelain figurines --e.g. birds, and mushrooms is also one of my fav themes!
As a matter of fact, i don't like forged furniture much , but... in case it is painted (the same is about stucco work, btw)... that may become a different matter! :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Happiness in Every Spoonful: Strawberry & Rhubarb Parfait!

Well, here's the delicacy I have mentioned about last time -- Parfait! This is a frozen dessert, like a thick ice cream, and the most difficult sweet I ever tried to make myself. Though... difficult only because of the multiple small actions brought together to mix and assemble everything right. I did suspect a certain complexity in the cooking process, but I couldn't resist........
... let me be immodest this time, the result was worth all the little mess! :)
... you may see also an embroidery on the background i'm working on these days -- Monet's Garden (the painting by Charles White).
...if you decide to make it, be sure to use any desirable quantity of strawberries to accompany every portion of the little piece of heaven you put into your mouth, -- the combination of a very sweet & creamy rhubarb parfait and fresh berries is smashing!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Mika Ninagawa Photography

Ciao, Friendz! How are you doing these days? I'm missing you, my blogging buddies with whom I enjoy a regular intercourse, but... i think, we all have the same excuse -- it's Summer now, the period of a 3-month lull in the blogging world and intense activities behind the scenes... or, rather, on the scene! Yet, today I've decided to... break the break (if it's possible to say like this?:) and share some lovely works by a Japanese photographer and director, Mika Ninagawa (October 18, 1972)
Here I've picked up what has seemed to me the most eye-catching from her underwater series and a few nature images. Loving the colours here as well as the fine blurring and texturing...

Japan Creators' textile Mika Ninagawa

Well, with this post I'm starting my gradual comeback, and next time something very delicious is waiting for you! So, stay tuned! ;)